shutterstock_104180084Stress urinary incontinence is the involuntary loss of bladder control, and affects millions of women around the world every day. For some women, involuntary leakage may occur while engaging in an activity that puts pressure on the bladder, while others are not able to hold even the smallest amount of urine in at all. This unpleasant and embarrassing condition commonly occurs after childbirth, although the natural aging process can also take a toll on the supporting muscles surrounding the urethra.

If you struggle with the daily burden of urinary incontinence, then you will be pleased to hear that there is now an effective, painless and fast solution that can help to eliminate your symptoms in under 30 minutes. Many women are suitable candidates for the procedure, regardless of age or the severity of your condition.

Introducing FemiLift for urinary incontinence

The FemiLift treatment is a safe and gentle laser technology pioneered by the world renowned brand Alma Lasers. The cutting edge laser technology works to eliminate the symptoms of urinary incontinence over approximately three consecutive sessions. The treatment is virtually painless and yields noticeable improvements after the first treatment.

FemiLift harnesses the power of CO2 to target areas of the vagina that need tightening via the insertion of a probe into the vaginal canal. The deep thermal heating of the area causes the tissue and muscles surrounding the urethra to tighten, strengthening the muscles responsible for supporting the bladder, and allowing you to regain control of your bladder.

Treatment is performed in office by one of our board certified practitioners and no anesthetic is required prior to or during the procedure. After your procedure you can return to daily life as usual, though we do recommend abstaining from sexual activity for 5 days following treatment. You may notice a light or watery discharge up to 3 days after treatment as well.

If you are interested in FemiLift to treat your urinary incontinence then contact ReNew You MD in Houston, TX to schedule your consultation. Call us today at (713)-766-5846.