remove-stretchWhen it comes to vaginal rejuvenation, the number one deterrent for many people is the pain involved during the procedure and the length of the downtime following treatment. This is the reason that many women who struggle with vaginal laxity, recurrent infections and even urinary incontinence tend to live with their ailments rather than treating them.

The thought of having to take extended time off work or go through an uncomfortable period of downtime is enough to deter people from having surgery. Fortunately, there is now a pain free solution for restoring the vagina to its optimal state and there is no downtime whatsoever associated with treatment.

Introducing FemiLift

The FemiLift treatment utilizes innovative laser technology to rejuvenate the vagina through stimulating collagen production in the vaginal walls. The CO2 fractionated laser technology has an excellent patient satisfaction rate, with many women reporting increased sensitivity in the vagina, improved bladder control and enhanced sexual gratification.

Treatment takes just 15 minutes and is performed at our Houston Medical Spa by our Board Certified Nurse Practitioner. After the procedure is over you can return to work or go home right away and resume your normal daily routine. The only side effects that have been reported to date are minor, and can include spotting and watery discharge for a few days afterwards.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of FemiLift treatment are plentiful, with the most noteworthy being the following:

  • Increased, and more natural lubrication
  • Enhanced bladder control
  • No more painful intercourse
  • Less recurrent infections
  • A tighter feeling vagina
  • Increased sexual pleasure for both yourself, and your partner.

For more information about how the FemiLift treatment can help you, or to schedule your consultation at ReNew You MD in Houston, Texas – call us today at (713)-766-5846.