Is There Any Downtime Associated With FemiLift Treatment?

By | October 25th, 2016|FemiLift, Vaginal Rejuvenation|

When it comes to vaginal rejuvenation, the number one deterrent for many people is the pain involved during the procedure and the length of the downtime following treatment. This is the reason that many women who struggle with vaginal laxity, recurrent infections and even urinary incontinence tend to live with their ailments rather than treating [...]

Does FemiLift Hurt?

By | October 11th, 2016|FemiLift, Vaginal Rejuvenation|

Thanks to the evolution of modern technology, the answers to most of life's questions can be found via a quick search online. While the majority of the information found on the interest is reliable, there will always be contradicting opinions flying around, especially in regards to medical treatment. Laser vaginal rejuvenation is becoming a popular [...]

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