“Ever since my hysterectomy I have experienced a lower desire for sexual intercourse with my husband, primarily due to lack of vaginal moisture.  I also struggle with incontinence issues, which is challenging because I am an avid runner.  After just one treatment with FemLift I noticed a real difference!  My husband and I had intercourse and the entire experience was changed – for the positive!  I had a significant increase in vaginal moisture and even my husband noticed that I felt somehow “different”.  I have even noticed a significant decrease in the amount (if any) of bladder leakage experienced while running.  Needless to say – I am very excited about this procedure and cannot wait for my next treatment!”  – Female, 46 

“I have always loved intimacy with my husband, but as I got older sex became quite painful.  I was dry and would be sore for days after intercourse.  This put a real strain on our marriage.  After just one treatment with FemiLift I had significant increased moisture and sex was much more comfortable.  I completed all 3 treatments and my results are amazing!  I have increased sensitivity, increased vaginal moisture, no urgency or leaky bladder and my husband says I feel like I did when I was 25!  Our sex life is on a whole different level again.  More women (and their partners) should know about this!”  – Female, 52

“I have been experiencing stress urinary incontinence for years. I always had to wear a pad and by the end of the day it would be wet, which was extremely uncomfortable. After having the first Femilift procedure I was truly amazed. After a sneeze or cough there was NO leakage, the results are noticeable right away. I am very very happy, and this is the best thing to ever happen to me. Also, I did this on my lunch break and went back to work that is how easy this procedure is.” – Female, 62